69 Times

The 69 Times is intended to be a monthly journal, written for and to a great extent, by 69 club members, first release in May 1990. Normally the 69 Times will be available on the FIRST SUNDAY of each calendar month and copies will be E-mailed to those members who have subscribed to the website.

Those of advanced years and elephantine memory will recall the old journal which faded away about 1985. The plan is to run this version along similar lines; as a form of communication and amusement, a calendar for planned future events, and to carry advertisements of member’s bikes or accessories (both for sale and wanted).

All contributions, in the form of articles on specific subjects, rally reviews, hints and tips, or letters addressed to the committee or club membership in general, will be gratefully received.

Any items for inclusion in the magazine should be given to a committee member at least one week, and preferably two weeks, before publication date. If anyone has an idea for an article for inclusion that they would be willing to write please don’t be afraid to come forward with it. Anything will be considered as long as it’s not obscene or libellous!


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