Welcome to the 69 Motorcycle Club Website

All kinds of riders – all kinds of bikes

We are a bike club for everyone, from moped riders to super-bike rally-ists, men and women, from learners to advanced riders of all ages.

First outing since Lockdown. 13th August 2021.

We organise events ranging from talks and video shows to socials, competitions and an annual rally. The club actively raises money for charity throughout the year.

About the Club

Who we are

The Sixty-nine club is named after the year it was founded. Club members come from all walks of life and ride all kinds of machines from classic Triumphs to modern super-bikes, trails bikes, trikes, tourers and Harleys.

What we do

The club organises runs out and visits to places of interest throughout the year. Many members enjoy motorcycle rallies – both large and small Groups of club members often travel to rallies together to destinations as near as Kent and as far as Finland, Spain or Scotland. Some members regularly enjoy the F.I.M. rallies in Europe.

Darts, Pool and Bowling competitions are held for annual trophies, as well as best bike over and under 600cc, and longest mileages over the year for riders and for pillions to rallies.
We are also quite busy marshalling (mainly) charity and community events throughout the year, for which a small fee is charged. This money is collected through the year and donated to charities chosen at the club’s AGM.

69MCC runs an annual rally near Dover attended by other clubs and riders from all over the UK and Northern Europe. Attendance is by invitation.


Any rider or pillion can become a club member, but its a good idea to come along to a few meetings at The Royal Oak, River to see if you enjoy the club first.

The club is run by a committee of members elected at the Annual General meeting each year. The committee welcomes club members to any of its meeting for constructive input and ideas and minutes of meetings are available to all members.

We are a very friendly lot – come and see if you like the club any Sunday at the Royal Oak.